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I decided to move to Denmark a long time ago.

After I moved, I quickly realised that nothing would ever be the same. I would never be the same.

I needed to understand what was happening to me and dedided to take a second masters, this time in Anthropology.

Thanks to the many interesting stuff that my proffesors guided me through I managed to turn my trip into a fascinating experience.

But becoming a foreigner is not easy, infact it is far from being easy, especially because you only become half foreigner.


I worked at the UN for many years, where I experienced closely the marvels and challenges of a multicultural environment. I therfore designed and conducted several workshops on Crossculture.

At one point we were very proud og having 28 different nationalities in the office.

Now I want to help others to understand what happens when you leave your country, when you move into another culture. To better live with that

duplicity, that cultural schizophrenia that never ever leaves you, and at the same time is a treasure.


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